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Gali Peled


Born in Jerusalem, Israel

Lives & works in Tel Aviv, IL


During her childhood Gali drew imaginary creatures. She doodled everywhere. For instance, at the top ever exam, she drew a face, if the test was difficult she drew a sad creature and if it was easy she drew a happy one.

As the years went by these creatures continued to accompany her, during her service as an officer in the Israeli defence forces,  during her law studies in the university and later at her work as a lawyer. They were always there, as doodles in her notebooks, pieces of paper, statements of claim and defense, competing for her attention, calling her to remember her inner child. For years she did not listen. The marathon of life, the will to win  the crazy race most of us are drawn to, to succeed in the "normal" path made Gali forget her true self. 

Gali got married, gave birth to two girls, got divorced, bought a house, decorated it with bright furniture and neat design, and then looked for a nice drawing with black and white colors. Gali did not find anything that touched her heart.

And then one day, when she got tired of searching, she decided to draw a picture on her own. She bought the biggest canvas in the store, and all the gray shades she could find, with a touch of green. At first Gali was concerned about desecrating the white canvas. At last she was brave enough to draw a big green circle and then she stopped. 

And then when she thought her inspiration was gone, in a moment of silence, between laundry and dish washing it exploded, everything Gali wanted was to dive into a world of color. She knew gray and green would not be enough so she went and bought all the colors of the rainbow and then dove into it with brushes.

In one moment the gray in her life disappeared, the race stopped. Gali found what she thought was lost forever. Gali found her lost inner girl. Since then drawing is her biggest passion. She is still in the Matrix, works as a lawyer, but lives also in a different dimension , off-matrix, a world of color and paint.

Gali draws intuitively, in an avantgarde style, modern and colorful, with touches of grafiti, symbols and texts of mind provoking even spiritual messages.

Every painting has it's own meaning and special idea. The paintings are destined to uplift the spirits of the observers. Gali draws with a combined technique, oil and acrylic paint, on different sized canvases.

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